Tactile Histories - a workshop

All fabric tells a story – whether it’s an old shirt, a well-worn blanket, or the material from a bag you once loved.

In this three-hour workshop, Indonesian artist Rozana Lee, of Chinese migrant descent, invites people to bring along a piece of fabric that has special significance to them and turn it into a simple collage to hang on the wall.

All additional materials will be provided – participants just need to bring a piece of fabric (however big or small) that holds a special memory.

While living in Singapore with her New Zealand husband, Rozana’s home of Aceh, Indonesia, was destroyed by the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, killing more than 170,000 people, including her mother and many childhood friends.

That led Rozana to re-evaluate her life. She gave up a 15-year banking career to look after her children, moved to New Zealand and revived her long-time passion for art and sharing it with others.


TO THE POINT: Artistic workshop / precious fabric / simple collage / Indonesian artist / special memories / wall hanging

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Sun 25 Aug, 10:00 AM
3 hours
GA Adult $49
Admission service fees apply
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