Watching Paint Dry

Join solo performer Sean Lynch as he guides us through the art of watching paint dry – live – while cellphones are turned on and set to loud.

Written and directed by Anders Falstie-Jensen, who brought us Manifesto 2083, this mindful offering is a far more peaceful piece of theatre.

A minimalist exploration of modern life and Scandinavian Zen, Watching Paint Dry will take us on an extraordinary excursion through the freshly coated corridors of our minds.

In this mesmerising study of our relationship with time and colour, the performer (and lighting designer) guides us through this analogy of boredom – to the other side.

Full of twists and surprises, this transcendental theatre experience is for people keen on expanding their minds while staying connected.

Warning: Watching Paint Dry is emotionally manipulative and can induce anxiety for sufferers of OCD, perfectionists and fish lovers.


TO THE POINT: Solo performer / mindful theatre / Scandinavian Zen / expands minds / surprising twists / emotionally manipulative

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Sat 24 Aug, 6:30 PM
Libri Lounge,
TSB Showplace
60 mins
GA Adult $35
Admission service fees apply
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