We've Got So Much To Talk About

This is a monumental mashup of motherhood madness! 

An anthem for the struggle, the juggle and the love.   

Step inside the life of film and television star Sally Stockwell as she navigates the demands of motherhood alongside her career and delivers a firecracker ode to both the vulnerability and fierceness of women.   

With a loop pedal and surprising household objects, Sally fuses earthy electronic soundscapes, edgy striped-back melodies and rich vocal harmonies into a powerful and emotive musical experience.   

This edgy solo show validates every mother who has ever questioned if they are cut out for this gig and is a must-see for those who know a Mum, has a mum or has someone who calls them Mum.


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Wed 12 Jun, 7:00 PM
4th Wall Theatre
60 minutes
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