We've Got So Much To Talk About

This is a monumental mashup of motherhood madness! 

An anthem for the struggle, the juggle and the love.   

We’ve Got So Much To Talk About is an unbridled ride through the chaotic world of motherhood with rock ‘n roll songs, stories and a Vegas showgirl thrown in for good measure. Set in a dream world of backstage tour cases, tangled cables, and hanging microphones.

Sally Stockwell navigates the live wire mess of parenting with mesmerising vocals, a looping pedal and her body. This edgy solo show validates every mother who has ever questioned if they are cut out for this gig and is a must-see for those who know a Mum, has a mum or has someone who calls them Mum.


Supported by

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Made with the support of Creative New Zealand and the Ōtautahi Tiny Performance Fest

We would like to acknowledge the following

Creative team - Sally Stockwell (Performer & Creator), Julia Harvie (Director), Chris Marshall (Sound Design & Operation), Emma Willis (Dramaturge & Collaboration), Tim Jansen (Lighting Design), Hannah Tasker-Poland (Choreographic Collaborator) and Calvin Hudson (Technical Manager & Operator).
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Wed 12 Jun, 7:00 PM
4th Wall Theatre
60 minutes
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